Another year to remember


Each year that goes by is a constant reminder of the wonderful memories that take place at each Little Voices event. We look back now and see all the friendships and relationships that have developed and the joy and fun we all have coming together. From all walks of life...culture, background and upbringing. We enjoy celebrating the arts together and sharing and experiencing each other's talents.


The numbers count


Each student that attends receives the following benefits:

  • Life changing concert programming 
  • Safe and positive environment
  • Uplifting personalized message 

After the concert we followup with smaller Listening Sessions events, bringing mentors and ambassadors into Youth Partner Organizations sites to enhance the quality of care for today's foster youth.

Little Voices concerts catalyze Youth Partner Organizations Initiatives. We help create awareness, advocate and allocate volunteer resources. Our goal is to help the social bottom line:

  • Better performance in school
  • Higher grades & graduation rates
  • Lower teen pregnancy
  • Less substance abuse
  • Lower crime/incarceration

Here is our direct impact to date:





YOUTH Impacted







A sign of constant growth


What started as two women generously giving of their time to kids personally, then producing a few special events designed to impact hundreds of youth has now become grown into an organization that is dedicated to increasing the reach and frequency of our programming and volunteerism.

Each production is being outdone by the last,  leading to a more special and fruitful endeavor. Our plan is to expand our reach to every area where youth want to be heard and be loved by their community.

We seek to connect the arts and entertainment with hearts and minds who are willing to work with us to serve and make a difference in the lives of these children.




Each child has a voice. We create a platform to hear them.


#SHE SESSIONS December 2017

The noise and stimulation in today's culture is overwhelming, frantic, anxious and hyperactive. This takes away many good opportunities to sit and simply listen and ponder, to be calm and hear what is going on beneath and behind everything we see on the surface, what we call "The Heart of the Matter".

Little Voices is about affecting change in society and culture to value a voice that is not easily heard or is gentle and tender in nature. Too often little voices are drowned out by constant noise. Life experience however shows us that intentional grace and love towards a child results in joy, powerful creativity and extraordinary achievement.

Both investment and giving to provide support to those who need and want it, is good for community, good for our hearts and minds.

We seek to inspire all those who support Little Voices to listen for the voice that is not blaring or blatant, but subtle, quiet or gentle. By taking time to remain silent and listen to this voice we are confident dramatic and radical change can take place. Perhaps something that isn't being said at all but is crying for a voice to be heard, will come to light and can be catapulted to the forefront for all to hear and respond.



Join Little Voices to lift up foster youth.