Dedicated leaders with a heart for change.


Core Team

Our Core Team consists of those individuals who helped co-found and kick-off the development of Little Voices and who have played a key role in the early stages of Little Voices.


Board Members
Crystal Starr
Kem Anyanwu
Mary Agulian
Sherry Kefalas


Joey Alleyne

Carla Sanger

Linda Forster

Egerton Forster




Production Partners

To produce a top quality concert it takes an enormous amount of talent and resource. Here are a handful of the key partners that help make Little Voices concerts a reality. We are grateful for the expertise and support that each one of them contributes to our mission.


Michael Keeling
Producer & Creative Director

Matt Caines
Director of Production

Chase Simonds
Technical & Screen Producer

Crystal Starr
Executive Producer






Youth Partner Organizations

Youth partner organizations are the reason Little Voices exists, we are here to serve those they serve. The backbone and most delightful source for our audience, each partner organization maintains a unique bond with Little Voices that reaches beyond a single event but is relationship that lasts forever.


Hathaway Sycamore, El Nido


Kids in the Spotlight



Parents of Watts

The Art Of Peace Homeboy

Industries After School All


Stars Brotherhood Crusade