Little Voices

Listening to the little voice

We often hear all kinds of voices and sounds in today's world. Much of the time there is so much being said and so much noise we can't even hear ourselves think. Our voice is drowned out or lost entirely. Our culture can be better than this. Our hope is to restore community so that this is not our status quo.

Little Voices was founded to hear that which is little and lost on us. We seek it out because we believe it is this little voice that we all need to hear. We need to hear what they have to say. A little voice is often still, quiet or gentle, even child like. Our hearts tell us we need to calm ourselves to hear and pay attention it. 

It is with this mindset we believe we can set the stage for something that can speak back to that Little Voice and tell it how much it is loved, and we can show it how much we care.


Featured artists LA, 2017 | Judith Hill, Crystal Starr, Andra Day, Kira Dacosta (L-to-R)

Featured artists LA, 2017 | Judith Hill, Crystal Starr, Andra Day, Kira Dacosta (L-to-R)

The Concert

Is a next level live concert production featuring (4) Four Key performers, (60) Sixty+ musicians and dancers. The show finishes with a mashup unlike anything else. Setup entails a shining stage/lighting design and spectacular video-visual display. Pre-event programming includes guest speakers presenting relevant discussion matter, pop-up pampering sessions and gifts. Youth simultaneously participate in stage craft techniques back stage and on set. All within a (3) three hour matinee production experience.


Pampered VIP Guests

Today's view of the VIP (Very Important Person) is that it is an exclusive experience for someone and reserved only for those that have a lot already or can achieve whatever they want however they want. This may be partly true in our culture today but many of us older folk know that isn't totally true. And times are changing and so are hearts. Our mission is to show youth what is means to give and share of ones talents and to do it humbly, with gratitude. We believe with this spirit and by showing generosity we will model a great example for them. How do we do it?

The REVERSE VIP experience

  • Youth admission is free - sponsored by the generosity of others that want to give
  • Sponsors provide funds and in-kind resources to help deliver unique pop-up experiences
  • Each pop-up is crafted to address a few key areas of interest to youth - Beauty and Nutrition, Career and Education and Creative Arts
Career Challenge | Speaker Tiffany Travillion

Career Challenge | Speaker Tiffany Travillion

Hair & Makeup Pampering by Aveda

Hair & Makeup Pampering by Aveda

Surprise Guest Performance 2017 | Common

Surprise Guest Performance 2017 | Common

Ambassador Program

Part of what sets Little Voices's concerts apart from any other production is not only the high quality and uniqueness of the entertainment, but the underlying values that drive its operations and mission.

As part of its formula for affecting change in society, Little Voices collaborates with all kinds of talented people to create a strong communal impact. We are honored to receive contributions from top talent around the globe not for notoriety or publicity, or even solely for the production itself, but rather to foster a spirit amongst the kids that they too can not only achieve their dreams, but can use the platform they gain access to in their lives to lift up others in unity. This giving and sharing of talent is what we aim to model.

Our ambassadors reflect these values and demonstrate first hand that celebrity is a wonderful by-product of success but is not a worthy goal by itself. By sharing the platform with gratitude we lift one another up.