Our Vision

Entertain with impact.


Little Voices produces quality concerts for children in the foster care system and inner cities while providing internship opportunities with industry professionals. We use entertainment and media production as a platform to give voice to youth who lack adequate support and resources needed to thrive.

Through collaboration and collective impact, we strengthen the bonds of foster care partners and enhance social programs to meet the needs of youth.

Established in 2017, the mission of Little Voices is to inspire educate and empower fostered youth through music programs that promote youth engagement, cultivate self-esteem and develop community.

Little Voices helps pave the way for underprivileged youth to navigate the foster care system, overcome tragedies and trauma to realize their full life's potential.




Crystal Starr &

Kem Anyanwu

Kem Anyanwu  |  #She Sessions, December 2017

Kem Anyanwu  |  #She Sessions, December 2017